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 Donna's Delicious Delite's was started by a young lady by the name of Donna Lipsey Green a Savannah Native. Donna's was always a dream to Donna from childhood. She has always said to her family; that one day she'd open a bakery. Getting a new easy-bake-oven every Christmas, she would make all types of treats for her friends and family that would stop by her home. She always had a passion for good food from which she received from her mother who was always a great cook who put lots of love in her food. Growing up going, her uncle worked at Gottlieb's Bakery in Savannah, and would bring home different treats for her to try, in which her taste buds were always tuned to depict the different flavors. After eating those great tasting treats she would always tell her parents that she would always tell her parents she was going to open a bakery then she also incorporated the deli portion of this idea that she had. Working at Gulfstream Aerospace fresh out of high school, the dream never died, Donna started pursing her dream after going to her neighbor who taught her the basics of how to bake a cake she would take cakes to Gulfstream and selling to her friends and co-workers. Always listening to the ideas that her daughter had, Donna's mother and son was riding down Montgomery St, and an epiphany came to her in which she saw a building that a friend of the family was leasing. Mary and Matthew Stopped to see if he would consider selling the business to us, in which he made a deal. From there the Donna's was started......


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